grauund / grau&
are Ariel William Orah, Pia Achternkamp, and Maximilian Kupi

grau& is an sonic constellation formed in 2017 that focuses on socially engaged sound art in cinematographic formats and carries out projects in the fields of sound research, film music, sound installation and performance on current social issues and discourses. grau& latest project was an artistic research project which leads into sound installation,album, and performance concept “Memoirama”, focus on sonic cultivation and deprivatization of memories that shape the present, supported by Musikfonds e.V (2022).

The name grau& (“grau und”, engl. grey and) articulates the trio’s never ending curiosity about the “in-between” and the search for anti-dualism in music and noise, tonality and atonality, structure and chaos, concrete and abstract, …

On a rainy afternoon in autumn 2017 Ariel William Orah, Maximilian Kupi, and Pia Achternkamp first joined forces on the initiative of experimental filmmaker Caroline Schwarz to score the music for one of her futuristic, culture-critical dystopies. With their love for cinematic, ever-evolving sound stories, the reverberating energy of this ignitive moment has shaped the trio’s sonic DNA throughout their various works ever since. While all three are continuously involved in other music projects, their friendship and shared passion for the collaborative exploration of sound makes them regularly touch base and continue their joint journey through sonic space.

impressions 

  1. Edamame (2018)
  2. Foraminifera (2019)
  3. Ironie (2020)
  4. Alkisah (2021)
  5. Memoirama (2022)
  6. Sadissonanz (2023)

1. F O O L S at Vetomat 
2. SPAM at L_KW
3. Kaugummi session 


photo  by Cath Pérez Vega