In the MEMOIRAMA project, grau& wants to try its hand at the sonic cultivation of memories that shape the present. Orah, Kupi and Achternkamp will each present 3 artifacts from childhood at an empathy research workshop and approach this archival material (image, object, video, etc.) associatively through joint discussion. Different musical practices, inspired by Southeast Asian and European pagan and shamanistic sound rituals and based on text-generative composition, as well as forms of sound production, including organismic synthesis and field recording, will be shared and a common musical expression will be developed in improvisation. The goal of the project is the publication of a concept album with 9 pieces inspired by the artifacts as well as a sound sculpture, which will make both the musical work and the archival material accessible and tangible for the public. 

Memory culture often remains trapped in the visual-haptic: MEMOIRAMA aims to create an auditory approach to memory, de-privatizing and collectivizing it. The community-building element of memory has great potential, and artistic engagement with subjective pasts can help to process personal and collective traumas, explore identities, and thereby create more openness, understanding, and social tolerance for subjective worlds of experience.

Memoirama project made possible by the support from Musikfonds e.V

grau& MEMOIRAMA debut

installation and performance

Ana Conda am Ufer in Uferstudios
Uferstraße 23 Berlin