grauund / grau&
are Ariel William Orah, Pia Achternkamp, and Maximilian Kupi

  1. Edamame (2018)
  2. Foraminifera (2019)
  3. Ironie (2020)
  4. Alkisah (2021)
  5. Memoirama (2022)

1. F O O L S at Vetomat 
2. SPAM at L_KW
3. Kaugummi session 


The name grau& - grau und - (= grey and) articulates the never ending curiosity about the “inbetween” and the search for anti dualism. Music and noise, tonality and atonality, black and white, or you name it.

The unit met in Berlin in autumn 2017 to score film music for the experimental filmmaker Caroline Schwarz. Ariel William Orah and Maximilian Kupi already formed a psychedelic electronic duo under the name “Kupi&Orah” at that time and previously released three tracks together with Luftmenschen Klangwerk, a soundscape subsidiary of Berlin-based empathy entity Luftmenschen. Pia Achternkamp (loh) is a sound artist, working on sound installations, scoring music for performances and building self-made instruments. She is also involved in jazz projects as a drummer, guitarist, and contrabassist and regularly participates in artist residency programs all over Europe.

For the grau& project the three combine their personal interests ranging from various synthesis methods to  acoustic-electric sound sculpturing with conventional popular song structure twist – or completely the opposite. The output may vary from 3 minutes synth pop songs to 30 minutes experimental song with multiple layers of reverb and distortions, influenced by late 60´s kosmische musik  (read: krautrock), 80´s FM Synth Pop, alongside with 90´s trip hop - techno - shoegaze.